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I am Linda, born in Dresden, raised in the southwest of Germany and northern France.


Creativity has always been a part of my life. After my apprenticeship and working in law firms, customer services and in sales, I started to create graphics that were used for flyer, posters and social media posts. What started as part of my 9/5 job, just became a passion. Step by step, just on the side, I created graphics for my friends so they could share them on social media or use them on their websites. 

At some point, I wanted to have my own website, which made sense, so people would be able to find me here instead  of just searching me on social media.

I got inspired by my favourite websites and was so enthusiastic about how much fun it was and is to create websites. Everything about it is just beautiful and fulfilling: the first contact with clients, the possibility to build a website for them (you!), to dive deep into the creative process of finding a design that matches the brand and personality and finally: to hand it over and see it begin to flourish.



I truly believe that every company should have a beautiful website; a website that it easy to use and that just tells a lot about yourself or your business & brand. 

If you are also looking for a website to showcase your business (including your shop/e-commerce) or that just tells a bit more about yourself and your passions, I would be happy if you would contact me via e-mail at or by using the contact form below.

Besides website creation, administrative work holds also a huge place in my heart. It‘s the work that helped me on my journey giving me the tools to experience and enjoy the diversity of exciting jobs. It’s the core from which I was able to expand. 

Running a business includes also a lot of admin work that adds a lot to the daily schedule. When I  started my own small business, my biggest dream was to support women not only with a website but to take a load off their shoulders by helping them with all the administrative work that comes with running a business. As I have worked in a variety of customer oriented jobs, it’s a pleasure to me to handle all tasks at the backend of a business (i.e. responding to emails, issuing documents, scheduling appointments, managing social media, taking calls etc.) so my clients have more time for their own customers and clients.

If you‘d like to know more about how I can help you on a day to day basis and/or by creating a beautiful new website for you, I would be chuffed to hear from you!

Linda x





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